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1. SEO for Product Pages

We monitor the performance of your product pages (sales, traffic, add to cart, etc.) and automatically offer up suggestions on how to fix different elements of the pages for SEO.

SEO for Product Pages

2. Automated Retargeting

Once you have your pixel and account set-up, leave the rest to us. We will automatically run dynamic product ads across Facebook and Instagram for your visitors.


3. Post-Purchase Remarketing

Automated remarketing ads can be set-up to run in the background at different time intervals to keep your loyal shoppers engaged.

Post-Purchase Remarketing


Product Analytics Guide
SEO: Product Page Alert & Backlink Monitoring
Retail & E-commerce Metrics
Facebook & Instagram
Retail Analytics Guide
Google Marketing: Adwords & Display Network
Retail Analytics Guide

Management Tools

ListNew Product Monitoring
ListDynamic Reports
ListData Augmentation
ListTag Analytics
ListProduct Sales Analytics
ListClosely Track Seasonal Products
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